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Scavenging Materials

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Guide to Improvised Tools and Gathering Materials from the Environment

In Epoch Mod, you can scavenge many materials from your environment using the Hatchet, Chainsaw, and Sledgehammer.

Materials that you can scavenge and their purposes:
Metal Scraps via Sledgehammer or Maul
Used for: Smelting Small Salvage Metal via Fireplace

Rocks via Sledgehammer or Maul
Used for: Crafting Improvised Tools.

Cinder Blocks via Sledgehammer or Maul
Used for: Crafting base pieces such as the Cinder Wall.

Iron Ore via Sledgehammer or Maul from boulders(large rocks)
Uses: Smelting Metal Scraps via Fireplace.

Sticks via Bushes using a Hatchet or Crude Hatchet.
Uses: Crafting Fireplace and Improvised Tools.