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NPC Trader Shop Tutorial.

NPC Trader Missions, Interactions Tutorial.

Traders exist in the world of Epoch to provide players with a way to earn Crypto by selling items as well as other interactions.
Players can use the Crypto they earn to buy items from Traders, maintain their base, and barter with other players.
There are two types of traders in Epoch: "Spawn Traders" and "Dynamic Traders". "Spawn Traders" are located within the safe zone that you spawn into at the start of a new life.
They appear on the map as black dots Rsz 1rsz 2000px-blackdotsvg.png
"Dynamic Traders" are located within buildings in various places around the map.
A newly spawned trader will appear as a light green dot Green Dot.png
A trader who has survived at least one server restart will appear as a brown dot Rsz 1rsz small-brown-dot-hi.png
A trader who has been killed within the last server restart will appear as a red dot. Rsz red-dot.png
Trader inventory defaults are setup by the server admin. Their inventory will change as players buy and sell items.
Accessing a Trader is easy: walk up to them and press your action key (default space) and select "Trade" if you wish to buy or sell items.
The other interactions available with a trader are accessed through the "Talk" menu which will appear to the right of "Trade".
Some options include checking the time on the server, where the nearest vehicle could be, and a list of missions that are available.