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A2Epoch:Fueling Options

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Siphoning[edit | edit source]

  • The ability to siphon existing fuel out of a vehicle or static fuel tank, and into a jerrycan or fuel barrel on your person.
  • This will only work if you have an empty jerrycan/fuel barrel, and if the vehicle of choice has enough fuel to fill your jerrycan/fuel barrel to capacity.

Fuel Stations[edit | edit source]

Requires a fuel source: Gas Station, Gas Tanks, Fuel Urals.
Requires a Power Source: Generator, Running Fuel Ural.
Requires a fuel pump: Pre-existing gas station pumps or lootable fuel-pump that spawns in the world.

Example: Place a Generator at a gas station. Start generator by fueling it with one jerrycan.
Example: Place Fuel Pump and Generator by free standing fuel tank. Start generator by fueling with one jerrycan.