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This is the ChangeLog history:[edit | edit source]


0.3 RC1 Changelog:
[Added] Wood and cinder base objects now show damage state when over 50% damaged.
[Added] Car Jack item added to every fresh spawned vehicle.
[Added] Can now loot a dead UAV Drone and in return get Electronic components.
[Added] Ability to specify starter items for freshly spawned traders via epochconfig.
[Added] New custom epoch weapons: SR-25 and L85A2 (Grenade Launcher and Pink Painted) by Kiory.
[Added] Vehicle lock time is now stored in hive and will persist across server restarts.
[Added] 3d interaction visuals to show you when an action is available.
[Added] New loot bias system with nestable tables and overall loot balance.
[Added] LootMultiplier in epochconfig, (0.5 default, 1 = high loot, 0.1 = low loot).
[Added] Goldenseal plant can be consumed to reduce toxicity.
[Added] Pumpkin food item can be harvested from pumpkin patches on Chernarus and found randomly.
[Added] Dynamic Air Supply Drop Event. Use smoke grenades to signal.
[Added] Trader mission accessed with "Talk" on trader: Pikes Peak Express.
[Added] Ability to eat raw foods but at the risk of toxicity.
[Added] New items (Rock, Stick, and Rope) for crafting and added to trash loot.
[Added] New craftable primitive melee weapons: Crude Hatchet, Wood Club, Maul Hammer.
[Added] Keesha default character now has shoes.
[Added] Crafting of Rope from Hemp.
[Added] Harvest Sticks from a bush using a Hatchet.
[Added] Mining of Iron Ore and Rocks with sledgehammer.
[Added] Removal with refund of Base building items. Respects Jammer Owner and group.
[Added] Most base building items now use a hybrid Static/Physx system with ghost preview on first placement.
[Added] Epoch Events 2.0. All server time based events moved to server settings pbo. Scripts are executed with execVM using a simple timer. New events and timers can be changed via epochconfig.
[Added] New "Boss" Sapper variant with a larger bang.
[Added] Both Sapper variants put off toxic gas if killed without blowing up.
[Added] Player can now select gender after each death.
[Added] Frequency Jammer now required by default to build a base. Can be controlled with desc.ext mission variable: buildingRequireJammer.
[Added] Building limit (default: 100) added to Frequency Jammer. Change with desc.ext mission variable: buildingCountLimit.
[Added] Building Jammer Range (default: 75m). Change with desc.ext mission variable: buildingJammerRange.
[Added] Hive weather control system as well as Static override var WeatherStaticForecast via epochconfig.
[Added] Trader purchased vehicle position can now be controlled with a smoke grenade or a chemlight within 50m of trader.
[Added] Wood foundations can be crafted with 8x lumber.
[Added] Bornholm Support: Custom a2 building classes for loot spawns and mission file and config support from http://urogaming.co.uk/
[Added] Base building objects now persist damage and armor increased substantially.
[Added] Suppress loot spawn within the range of a Frequency Jammer.
[Added] Blocked base building areas for Chernarus.
[Added] Logging of building, storage, and vehicle killed events to hive log. (StorageKilled, VehicleKilled, BuildingKilled)
[Added] Offroad MG Pickup. (Classname: B_G_Offroad_01_armed_EPOCH)
[Added] Server FPS to the debug monitor. (Max: 50, recommend fps are >15 to keep the game stable)
[Added] Chance to spawn Lockbox and Backpacks in lockers or wardrobes.
[Added] Variable when Loadingscreen finish. (EPOCH_loadingScreenDone change from nil to true)
[Added] Base object interact menu (Remove,Move,Upgrade) shown only in build mode after targeting object with Space Bar.
[Changed] Toxicity increase from consuming a toxic food item is now random.
[Changed] Increased default antagonist spawn chances.
[Changed] NPC Trader inventory menu now stacks like items and shows quantity.
[Changed] Players are now sent to the lobby after dead, simply press ok to respawn.
[Changed] Can now sell and buy uniforms from traders.
[Changed] NPC trader data (AI_ITEMS) will now expire in 7 days if no changes are made within that time. Change this with expiresAIdata in epochconfig.
[Changed] Added chance to spawn Lockbox and Backpacks in lockers, wardrobes, shipping containers.
[Changed] Fireplace recipe changed to require 2 Rocks and 1 Stick to make empty fireplace. Then upgrade with 1 Wood Log to start the fire.
[Changed] Player names saved to a separate data set on player connect.
[Changed] Deathlog now logs distance and position.
[Changed] Sapper brain reworked.
[Changed] Display of personal Crypto balance when opening bank interface.
[Changed] Loot Balance: Lowered heavy muzzles count & increased pistol muzzle.
[Changed] Increased loot bias for Ferris Wheel and corrected z height on loot positions.
[Changed] Improve Cleanup System on Server.
[Changed] Behavior changed on UAV troop support.
[Changed] Dog to glitch less, reduced whines and more chance to wander.
[Fixed] Accuracy and fire rates of custom ported A2 weapons fixed (M107, AKM, M4A3, M16, M14, M249).
[Fixed] Sharks not spawning off shipwrecks.
[Fixed] Black icons on admin panel spawn menu.
[Fixed] Soiled and Wet calculation corrected.
[Fixed] Pumpkin patches on Chernarus now payout proper loot.
[Fixed] Traders now only allow one vehicle per trade.
[Fixed] Alpha transparency issue with empty clone vats.
[Fixed] Attempt to prevent vehicle damage during server startup.
[Fixed] Removed fireplace sound for now due to Arma issues with sound cleanup.
[Fixed] Frequency Jammer can not be built or placed within 3x Jammer radius. (default 225m)
[Fixed] GUI scale issues with additional button menu (Group Menu, Requests) on inventory.
[Fixed] Missing sounds on Ruger pistol and removed ability to use silencer.
[Fixed] Dupe fixes for backpacks, vests, uniforms.
[Fixed] Player revive did not work even after respawn.
[Fixed] zasleh1_proxy.p3d error with M4A3.
[Fixed] Prevent loot objects from spawning under the ground.
[Fixed] Group kick and mod options did not work.
[Fixed] Cleanup and removal of unneeded rpt debug logs.
[Fixed] Removed spoiler button in Welcome Screen.
[Fixed] Misspelling in debug monitor (crypto).
[Fixed] Welcome screen will be now displayed only once after a major patch (eg. 0.3/0.4/0.5).
[Info] Requires Arma version 1.40 or higher.

Admin Tool:
[Added] Different Map Marker for Vehicles, AI, Player, Loot, Base Building and Dead Player.
[Added] Different 3D Tools for: Player, Vehicles and Loot.

[Added] Features: God Mode, Spawn Loot, Teleport Infront.


[Added] Started on Basic food crafting: Cooked Meat + Sweet corn + empty cooler equals full hunger; returns empty cooler.
[Added] Crafting of Large Energy packs: 3x small energy pack + Circuit Parts and a nearby fire.
[Added] Basic wild plant spawner: Poppy
[Added] New dynamic event object: Ferris Wheel
[Added] Antagonist chances moved to epochconfig.
[Added] Split server events from weather and added separate timers for each in epochconfig.
[Added] Direction labels added to teleport pads.
[Added] Epoch Story: Debug area is now Epoch Cloning facility.
[Added] Started support for all "AiA Terrain Pack" maps, starting with Chernarus.
[Added] Support for Krypto account access from classed ATM and phonebooth objects.
[Added] New loot objects: Tarp covered pallet and freezer chest.
[Added] Tree support for Bornholm.
[Added] Player Krypto accounts now expire after 90 days of inactivity. Can be changed with expiresBank.
[Added] Further enhanced DLL logging.
[Added] Paint stripper & building parts pricing has been added to Traders.
[Added] Extra logging of player connects and disconnects.
[Updated] Further optimized sound system.
[Fixed] Group invite not working
[Fixed] Vests and Headgear now populate with correct epoch variants in spawn menu.
[Fixed] Item spawning now will add the items to a vehicle if target is in one.
[Fixed] Disable SteamAPI VAC ban calls for now as it was reported to cause CPU high load, it will be renabled in a future patch.
[Fixed] Better way to track dead state of player.
[Fixed] Losing group when logging out while dead.
[Fixed] Revive statistics were not persisting.
[Fixed] Optimize cleanup system for more stable server fps.
[Fixed] Removed doppleganger code for now, as it was not working as intended.
[Fixed] Epoch welcome message encoding issue and fixed Scroll bar.
[Fixed] Parachutes are now safe to use.
[Fixed] Increased the amount of thirst gained from Drinks/Sodas.
[Fixed] Increased the amount of hunger gained from Can Food and Cooked Meats.
[Fixed] Bug in sound system with Cultist caused error that broke master loop.
[Fixed] False publicVariable kicks that happen since the ArmA 3 update 1.36. (BattlEye Log shows PLAYER_REJECT_NoResponse)

[Fixed] False script restriction kicks that happen when player destroy electric wire.

Epoch Hotfix

[New] Control sound volume in-game with Ctrl plus - or +.

[Fixed] Issue that caused admin panel to bug out and close all dialogs.

Epoch 0.2.5

[New] Custom single seater "Mosquito" Light helicopter.
[New] Consumables can now give the player multiple attributes on use.
[New] Honey can now be consumed and an empty jar is returned.
[New] Empty Food cooler added. To be used with food crafting.
[New] Metal Scraps added and can be found in many places as well as crafted into Salvage Metal.
[New] 3 new Soda cans some with unique attributes.
[New] Player Krypto account added. Accessed by pressing the Inventory key next to a phonebooth or an ATM. Larger the transaction the longer it takes.
[New] Custom Weapons: AK47, M14, m249, m107, m4a3 ported from Arma 2.
[New] Camo version of female wetsuit.
[New] Female Ghillie Suits Tan, Light Green, Dark Green.
[New] SteamAPI support added for future features and VAC ban check system.
[New] In-game Admin Panel cleanup and features added: Spawn Menu, 3D ESP, Map ESP, Basic Admin levels.
[Changed] Removed all "Take" and "Rearm" actions to prevent taking items from locked vehicles. A new take option will be added soon to allow item access underwater.
[Changed] Sledge Hammer damage increased 2x.
[Changed] Loot now spawns more readily.
[Changed] Loot table tweaks to increase building materials.
[Changed] setTimeMultiplier 4x enabled by default. Can be changed with timeMultiplier in epochconfig.
[Changed] Shelf, tipi, and Frequency Jammer are now built using the physx build mode.
[Changed] Combat Logging: Players now leave a Doppelganger behind for 60 seconds after disconnect. This can be changed or disabled in epochconfig.hpp server side.
[Changed] Death trigger now spawns shark if player is killed at sea.
[Changed] Added Override vars to epochconfig that control object expiry. vehicle, building, storage (7 days), players (30 days).
[Changed] Vehicle slots limit now based directly on total of per vehicle counts in allowed vehicles list.
[Changed] Reworked backend of NPC trader mechanism to be more accurate and optimized.
[Changed] Land vehicles now spawn in cities near roads instead of anywhere on roads.
[Changed] Many performance and security changes server side.
[Changed] Vehicle save queue system for better performance.
[Changed] Seasonal items like Meeps and Halloween masks removed from loot tables.
[Fixed] UAV's are no longer static and now move like they are supposed to.
[Fixed] Fully disabled thermal equipment for all vehicles.
[Fixed] Geometry of walls changed to help reduce glitching.
[Fixed] Disallow Holster and GetOver action near base walls, to reduce wall glitching.
[Fixed] Global setdamage event with Communication towers.
[Info] Reworked server configs. InstanceID is now set in EpochServer.ini and the rest in epochconfig.hpp now found in @EpochHive folder.
[Known Issues] Weapon attachments get wiped when player to player trading. (workaround for now take the items off the weapon first).

[Known Issues] Moving a painted corrugated wall causes it to loose its color.

Epoch Hotfix

[New] Added crafting of Salvage Metal from Iron Ore found at mineral veins.
[New] Added proper ghost models for TiPi and shelf.
[Changed] Updated Red Gull Texture and Icon.
[Changed] Increased chance to find Mortar Buckets.
[Changed] Ctrl+T now used for Trade requests to other players.
[Changed] Increased chances for shark to spawn.
[Fixed] Traders spawning smoke grenades after selling them.
[Fixed] Just built base objects now use player direction for initial object direction.
[Fixed] Player logs out while dead will now correctly spawn fresh on login.
[Fixed] False kicks on Global setdamage due to destroyed powerlines.
[Fixed] Traders can no longer spawn on top of each other.
[Fixed] Multiple players could double spawn loot in the same building.
[Fixed] Can now build Frequency Jammer properly.
[Fixed] Player rollback after revive and relog.
[Fixed] Many server side fixes.
[Known Issues] Weapon attachments get wiped when player to player trading. (workaround for now take the items off the weapon first).

[Known Issues] Moving a painted corrugated wall causes it to loose its color.

Epoch 0.2 Update

[Changed] "T" key action moved to Inventory Button. Use your inventory key (Default "I") once to smash trash piles and again to open gear.
[New] Two halloween masks Pumpkin head and Werewolf. [New] Fireplace model.
[New] Custom Anti Hack Framework by Skaronator.
[New] Replacement First Aid Kit double click on the item and use. Heals other players or your self.
[New] Wooden Ramp/Roof base object can be crafted with 6 lumber packs.
[New] Three new food items: Snooters and Meeps Candy and Walk N' Sons Soda.
[New] Electric Motorcycle has been added.
[New] Car Jack added and has a chance to be found in freshly spawned vehicles.
[New] New lootable furniture "Shoebox" added.
[New] Military variant of the bed now spawns in specific military buildings.
[New] Unisex vest called "side pack". All fresh spawns start with this item.
[New] Group request menu, Group requests can now be accessed via the "Requests" button in the inventory.
[New] Player trading now started with the inventory key (Default "I") and accepted with the "T" key.
[New] Use paint cans to paint corrugated walls and use paint thinner to remove paint.
[New] Wood stairs upgradable for additional landing area.
[New] Circuit Parts found in the world to be used for crafting.
[New] Lockable Cinder And Wood Doors upgrade with Circuit Parts. Ownership is controlled by frequency jammer group owner.
[New] 9 more radios have been added and can be crafted using gems.
[New] Many Inventory items now have proper icons instead of placeholder.
[New] Give player energy if within 75m of a solar tower or wind tower.
[New] Temp Lockable vehicles each time you lock a vehicle it will remain locked to you or your group for 30 minutes.
[New] Base building objects get deleted after 7 days. Moving the object or Painting walls extends this for 7 more days.
[New] Player Character are cleaned up after 30 days inactivity.
[Fixed] Mineral veins now spawn at epicenters.
[Fixed] Geometry changed on cinder wall to prevent phasing though it
[Fixed] Lockbox can no longer be destroyed while open.
[Fixed] Dump items on the ground if packed with items in lockbox.
[Fixed] Overflow items to the ground if player does not have space when trading with another player.
[Fixed] Added prices for Chainsaw so it is now possible to sell/buy to traders.
[Fixed] It wasn't possible to snap the foundation to other foundations.
[Fixed] Group Leader can no longer enter the commander vision.
[Fixed] false PublicVariable Restriction on server start.
[Fixed] Night Vision wasn't disabled when the player run out of energy.
[Fixed] Added prices for Karts so it is now possible to sell/buy to traders.
[Fixed] Shelf and Tipi storage devices are no longer indestructible and have limited storage space.
[Fixed] Trader purchased vehicles should now look for a safer place to spawn vehicle within 120m.
[Fixed] Text output from certain actions now show proper display names instead of classnames.
[Fixed] Vehicles now persist exact position, angle, and direction so it should result in less damage at spawn.
[Fixed] Some false BE kicks for base building.
[Changed] Increased storage of all vests by 50% and reduced armor by half.
[Changed] Building base objects from inventory kits now instantly forces build mode and consumes item.
[Changed] P2p trading now more reliable, however now places traded items at your feet.
[Changed] Reduced Dog and snake spawn chances.
[Changed] Respawn button disabled.
[Changed] Increased Building material spawns on trash piles.
[Changed] Increased chances for Tools to spawn on Tool Rack.
[Changed] Hunger and Thirst loss rates increased.
[Changed] Increased purchase price of Ammo by a total of 100%.
[Changed] Reduced Hunter armor levels by 50%.
[Changed] Trader "Steal" option removed for now.
[Changed] Traders now only wear uniforms that spawn in the world.
[Removed] Hellcat Helicopter and and Nightstalker scope till balance issues are sorted.
[Removed] Uniform storage space and selling of uniforms to traders removed due to dupe issues.
[Info] new bikey for 0.2 added remove any previous ones.
[Info] Improved backend DLL by Fank
[Known Issues] Weapon attachments get wiped when player to player trading. (workaround for now take the items off the weapon first).

[Known Issues] Moving a painted corrugated wall causes it to loose its color.

Epoch Hotfix

[Added] carts DLC content added go-karts, helmets, uniforms.
[Added] Snake bite sound.
[Updated] Dog brain fixes and optimizations.
[Updated] Shark brain fixes and optimizations.
[Fixed] Sniper rifle scope attachment issues.
[Fixed] Further fixes to group invite system.
[Fixed] Removed leftover debug systemchat text spam from Sapper brain.
[Fixed] Incorrect model for jerrycan and locker.
[Fixed] Texture on wardrobe.
[Fixed] NVG did not disable correctly after running out of energy.
[Fixed] Reduced global variable spam from p2p trade system.
[Fixed] Gumby leg bug with jump animation and crtl+w.
[Changed] Cultist and Sapper are now looted with Inventory button instead of T.
[Changed] lowered group invite distance to only 10m.
[Changed] Removed rating and score from debug as they are not currently used.
[Changed] Lower Hunter hit point armor levels a bit in an attempt to balance.
[Changed] Lowered animal spawn rate.

[Info] Many other fixes and security changes.

Epoch Hotfix

[Added] New Dog Brain with many new features. http://epochmod.com/...dog-brain-0102/
[Added] More event driven chances to spawn antagonists.
[Added] Great White Shark.
[Added] Speargun found only in boats.
[Added] NVG goggles now require Energy to use (5 Energy every 10 sec).
[Added] Alert sound to drones when they spot you.
[Added] AI Soldiers should now attack you even in a vehicle.
[Updated] Group System - Invite List is alphabetically sorted.
[Fixed] Fixed typo that caused storage devices not to save correctly.
[Fixed] Overhaul of vehicle selling code to prevent issues.
[Fixed] incorrect scope with ItemKiloHemp.
[Fixed] Fixed and improved group system.
[Fixed] Double click action button text had incorrect text for some items like "Vehicle Repair Parts".
[Fixed] Fixed UI icons disappearing due to conflicting resource layer with dynamic text.
[Fixed] Added workaround for players not saving due to specific character in player name.
[Fixed] When first building a base item it will spawn as simulated and start to save.
[Fixed] Only allow owner or members of group to upgrade-in-place base objects if a Frequency jammer is placed.
[Fixed] Players can now trade Krypto using P2P trade menu.
[Fixed] P2P trading now correctly removes weapons from backpacks.
[Fixed] AI soldiers now spawn with the correct radio, vest, and hat.
[Fixed] Random traders can no longer occupy the same building.
[Fixed] Preview of building objects now use proper ghost preview models.
[Fixed] "Mine" trader city teleport point moved so that protection zone covers area.
[Changed] Suppress some group leader options by disabling use of 0-9, f1-f12, backspace, and commandmode.
[Changed] Code lockout added to Take Krypto code to prevent spam.
[Changed] Improved quality of shipwreak and pelican loots.
[Changed] Disabled side chat on all servers, use Quartz radio instead.
[Optimize] Furniture spawning moved client side for better server performance.
[Optimize] Added cleanup on furniture, weaponholders, and Krypto devices every 20min if no players within 45m.

[Known Issue] Unable to loot dead fish with "T" to get Seafood.

Epoch Hotfix

[Added] Test adding mineral spawns at a 30% chance to earthquakes epicenters.
[Added] Added spawning of semi-secure lockbox storage (shared with your group) (only owner can pack).
[Added] Loot added to Sapper and Cultist (press "T" to loot dead body).
[Fixed] Incorrect path for snake corpse model.
[Fixed] Fixed double chickens.
[Fixed] Frequency jammer (Plot pole) now works for both owner and group members.
[Fixed] Group invite system.
[Fixed] Missing alert sound added to Sapper.
[Fixed] fixed description for .22 ruger.
[Fixed] Check for invalid player data and revert to default (fixes some bugged players issues with joining servers).
[Fixed] fixed AI cleanup on player disconnect.
[Changed] Reduced multi gun ammo count to 10 from 99.
[Changed] Increased crafting requirements on many base items (it was kept low for testing).
[Changed] Lower chances to spawn Dogs and lowered animal spawn limit from 6 to 3.
[Changed] Shipping containers now have more loot and (building mats & backpacks).
[Changed] Removed ammo and weapons from Fridge and stove.
[Changed] Increased cultist and sapper armor levels.
[Changed] Try to find a better place to spawn purchased vehicles.
[Changed] Player must be local (last driver) to sell a vehicle.
[Changed] Increased range for buying and selling vehicles.
[Changed] Lowered volume on Dog and Chicken sounds.
[Changed] Server side tax rate on NPC trader purchases (currently 10%).
[Changed] Manipulating base objects now have varying energy consumption.

[Optimize] Disable simulation on any ThingX props at trader cities.

Epoch 0.1[edit | edit source]

Initial release