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Chernarus Trader Locations[edit | edit source]

Chernarus Config

  • Trader City Bash - Located North of the Northwest Airfield in Chernarus, in the times after the great infection traders set up here to take advantage of all the goods being salvaged from the abandoned airfield.
  • Trader City Klen - Located at the top of Mt. Klen just Northeast of the city of Berezino Klen was established by the survivors in the surrounding cities looking for a safe location to set up shop.
  • Trader City Stary - Located in Stary Sober. A popular trading post for all survivors, also includes a black market trader.
  • Bandit Trader - Located North of Myshkino (016 075). Will only trade with with bandits who have -2000 humanity or worse.
  • Hero Trader